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This is a fun activity that we do to learn musical expression, and appreciation for classical music.  The song is Hens and Roosters from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens.  It’s abrupt sounds imitate chickens running, pecking, jumping, and flying.  I encourage the children to make our chickens move on the parachute while they listen...


During Lewis Music Studio classes, we do hands on activities that teach musical skills.  The kids don’t usually realize that they are learning since all of the activities are songs and games.  Here are some favorite ways that we learn some basic skills: 1. Soft- We use the song “Play” by Hap Palmerto play softly.  This...


I’m the mom who gives my friend’s kids drum sets.  Literally- I’m not exaggerating.  As a musician, I know that experience in music and creative movement in childhood can foster musical involvement and skills later in childhood and even into adulthood.  Read this article for more details about the many benefits of music for children. Creating an environment...

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