Our Mission is to strive to serve the Lord by transferring a passion for music to students of all ages in a fun and positive environment.

This policy is within the guidelines of the recommended studio policy of Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association.

Financial Responsibility
• Tuition is payable in advance, in monthly installments.
• There will be no refunds, credits, or deductions.
• The cost of books is due with the monthly payment.
Family/Student Responsibilities
• Positive parental involvement is essential.
• Daily practice is necessary for progress. The teacher may ask that practice times are recorded on a practice chart.
Recommended practice goals:
• Students ages 3-6: 15 minutes daily
• Students in Level 1: 30 minutes daily
• Students in Levels 2&3: 40 minutes daily

Students are expected to attend all lessons.
• Make up lessons cannot be guaranteed.
• There will be no make-up lessons given for duet or ensemble classes.
Special Events
• Duet or ensemble lessons will be required of students during the school year. The duet lessons will be once a month for forty-five minutes in place of the regularly scheduled lesson.
• Community service recitals are part of the curriculum.
• All students will be expected to participate in the Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Evaluations in the spring.
• The instrument should be kept in tune and in good repair. If an electronic keyboard is used, it should have full-sized keys.
• It is recommended the proper bench height and distance from the instrument be determined by the student's physical size.
• Violin students should have a working music stand at home.
• Violin students need a soft cleaning cloth, a shoulder rest, and rosin at all times.
• Fingernails
• Piano Students: When playing with curved fingers, the nails should not click.
• Violin Students: The left hand nails must be trimmed so that there is no white part left.
• Nails should be trimmed prior to PRACTICE.

• Discussions concerning student progress, schedule changes, billing questions, etc. should be initiated at the beginning of the lesson or at a mutually agreed upon time.

• Tardiness
•Student promptness is the responsibility of the student/parent; time lost will not be made up.

• The teacher should be advised of any learning disabilities or other special physical or emotional needs of the student or family.
• Parents and guests are always permitted to watch the lesson, but friends may be asked to wait in the waiting room if they are disruptive.
• No smoking is permitted on the teacher’s property.
• Please be respectful of the neighborhood. Only park in the teacher’s driveway or in front of the teacher’s house.
• Students may be asked to remove jewelry that interferes with proper playing.
• Please dress in a modest fashion.