Lewis Music Studio'sClassical Artist Development Program

The Classical Artist Development Program is an optional exam program at Lewis Music Studio. Students in the program are adjudicated yearly in the areas of performance, theory, sightreading, and ear training. Participation is optional, but it is highly recommended for students interested in building a broad musical background. The program is not a competition but rather a chance for students and teachers to evaluate the student's progress for the year.

Program Details

The Classical Artist Development Program is open to any student, and is guaranteed to give students a diverse musical background with experience in the major musical genres.  In addition the program provides a strong foundation in theory, sightreading, scales, and ear-training.  Students use the AIM workbooks from the ISMA to prepare.  As students progress through the program past level 5, we recommend that they are taking weekly lessons of at least 45 minute to allow adequate time to cover the broad scope of material covered by the higher levels.  Students in levels 9 and above should take 60 minute weekly lessons.
The fees for the exams are based on the length of time needed to conduct the exam:
Other Costs associated with the Classical Artist Development Program include:
  • A book of repertoire music.
  • An AIM workbook to practice scales, theory, sightreading, and aural skills.
  • An optional T-shirt.
This year's T-Shirt Design. Shirts available through 4/30 at noon. $18 +tax

This year’s T-shirts are available to order! Shirts are $18. They are our classic turquoise with a purple “IN MY MUSIC ERA” design. Students may choose to wear them to the Classical Artist Development Program exam day, but they are not required! Also anyone can order a shirt. You do not have to be a current student or enrolled in the Classical Artist Development Program! Fill out this form by 4/30 at 12:00 PM to reserve your shirt!