Lewis Music Studio strives to provide the teachers and the tools for a high-quality music education for learners of all ages and abilities.

This policy is within the guidelines of the recommended studio policy of Pittsburgh Piano Teachers Association.

Financial Responsibility
• Tuition is payable in advance, in automatic monthly installments. A late fee will be issued for all invoices unpaid by the 15th of the month.

• Melodic Introductions and Itsy Bitsy Music Classes are run by semester. Tuition is due each month for the duration of the semester.

• All electronic payments include a 3% convenience fee. You are welcome to pay for the month in advance with a check or cash before the 18th of the month prior to avoid the fee!

• There will be no refunds, credits, or deductions.

• Books and accessories may be purchased at the front desk. Any invoiced merchandise will be invoiced separately than lessons through our Square system.

• Cancelations of lessons are to be made at this link by the 18th of the month in advance: https://forms.gle/zyvwrV9uHQfPXAYq9.

Special Events
• All students have the opportunity to participate in studio recitals twice per year.

• Recitals are lessons in performance. Recitals are $24.50 per student, and awards are given at the Spring Recital.

• Community service recitals may be available.

• Our Artist Development Program offers students an opportunity to be adjudicated based on a syllabus specific to their instrument and level.

• Group rates will be available to community music events!
Family/Student Responsibilities
• Positive parental involvement is essential.

• Daily practice is necessary for progress. The teacher may ask that practice times are recorded on a practice chart. Students may pick up a practice challenge sheet in the lobby or fill out the practice log in their student portal.

Recommended practice goals:
• Students ages 3-6: 15 minutes daily
• Students in Level 1: 30 minutes daily
• Students in Levels 2&3: 40 minutes daily

• Students are expected to attend all lessons.

• Make up lessons cannot be guaranteed unless canceled by the teacher.

• Record your absence in the parent or student portal 24 hours before the lesson in order to receive a make-up credit. When other students record make ups, their empty lesson slot will be a make-up lesson slot that you may join to use your credit. Check your calendar in the portal to see if there are currently any available make-up slots with your teacher.

• There will be no make-up lessons given for Melodic Introductions or Itsy Bitsy Music Classes. You can, however, join a different class if space is available as a make-up.
• The instrument should be kept in tune and in good repair. If an electronic keyboard is used, it should have full-sized keys.

• It is recommended the proper bench/chair height and distance from the instrument be determined by the student's physical size. Some students may require a footstool if their feet do not touch the ground.

• Non-piano students should have a working music stand at home.

• Instrumental students should have all accessories needed to properly use their instrument. This may include cleaning supplies, shoulder rest, reeds, rosin, neck straps, etc. For more details, please check with your student's teacher.

• Nails should be trimmed prior to practice.

• Discussions with teachers concerning student progress, schedule changes, billing questions, etc. should be initiated at the beginning of the lesson or at a mutually agreed upon time.

• Tardiness: Student promptness is the responsibility of the student/parent; time lost will not be made up.

• The teacher should be advised of any learning disabilities or other special physical or emotional needs of the student or family.

• Parents and guests are always permitted to watch the lesson, but friends may be asked to wait in the lounge if they are disruptive.

• No smoking is permitted on the property, and unfortunately our landlord does not allow dogs on the property.

• Students may be asked to remove jewelry that interferes with proper playing.