Music theory understanding is a must for any serious musician!

MUSIC THEORYAbout the classes

Music Theory Understanding is a must for any serious musician! We will begin with the basics of the keyboard, move to major and minor scales, chords, modes, and harmony. Check the calendar of events for details on schedule! Private lessons are also available for theory.



  • What curriculum do you use?

The curriculum varies from teacher to teacher, but generally we use a theory workbook such as “Music Theory Workbook for All Musicians”

  • Do you offer daytime lessons for homeschoolers and adults?

We do! We would be happy to work with you to schedule a lesson time that works best for your schedule!

  • Are there any other costs associated with lessons?

Tuition prices are posted on our website, and we do not charge any registration fees. Books, recitals, accessories, instrument, and instrument up keep are costs to keep in mind as you plan your music budget!

  • Do you offer audition prep?

Absolutely! This class is an excellent way to prepare for auditions!

  • How long am I committed to class?

This class runs in ten week sessions, and you are only committed for ten classes. If you wish to discontinue after that, just drop us an email!

  • Can I pay online?

Yes! For your convenience, our invoices will be sent out automatically at the end of each month, and you can just click the link to pay online! This class is billed in one lump sum, but we can split the tuition up into monthly payments for your convenience!