Music Technology is a broad term that covers the world of sound production, recording, mixing, video editing, songwriting, composition, and so much more!
• 4 week month $98 • 5 week month $122.50

MUSIC TECHNOLOGYAbout the classes

Music Technology is a broad term that covers the world of sound production, recording, mixing, video editing, songwriting, composition, and so much more! Students can choose to focus on one particular aspect of music technology or to delve into each area.  No musical experience is necessary, and the classes will cover any musical skills needed!   All lessons are custom planned to match the interests and abilities of our students! The first lesson is always free, so schedule a trial lesson today!

• 4 week month $147 • 5 week month $183.75


  • What curriculum do you use?

The curriculum varies from teacher to teacher and student to student!

  • Do I need equipment at home to begin?

Our teachers will help you to figure out what you need to meet your goals! A great starting point would be to purchase software for the device that you already own, but the instructor can help you to figure out which software and hardware is the best fit for you.  If you have an instrument, that can come in handy too, but it is not required to begin!

  • Do you have equipment at the studio that I can use for my lesson?

Absolutely!  You can learn the ins and outs on the instructor’s mobile sound studio!

  • Do you offer on-site lessons?

We do!  If you are troubleshooting on-site, we would be happy to schedule to come to your site in person or remotely to help!

  • Can we buy music accessories through Lewis Music Studio?

Absolutely! We offer a wide variety of music technology items including sound equipment, microphones, instruments, and more. If you don’t see what you are looking for in our shop, just ask! We can order an item and have it for your next lesson!

  • Do you offer daytime lessons for homeschoolers and adults?

We do! We would be happy to work with you to schedule a lesson time that works best for your schedule!

  • Are there any other costs associated with lessons?

Tuition prices are posted on our website, and we do not charge any registration fees. Books, recitals, software, accessories, instrument, and instrument upkeep are costs to keep in mind as you plan your music budget!

  • Do you have recitals?

Yes! We encourage students to perform as much as possible, and we offer several opportunities to perform throughout the year. Check our upcoming events for details. At our spring recital, we give a medal to new students. Students then receive a pin for each of their performances throughout the year to add to the ribbon of their medal! We encourage students to fill up those ribbons by the time they graduate!

  • Do you offer audition prep?

Absolutely! Let us help you prepare for your big audition! Be sure to bring all of your requirements with you to lessons, and our teachers will customize lessons to prepare for that big day!

  • How long am I committed to lessons?

Tuition is due for the month in advance. While we highly recommend that you stick with lessons long term, commitment is just on a monthly basis.

  • Can I pay online?

Yes! For your convenience, our invoices will be auto paid at the end of each month!